Welcome to Hmmm … Stuff


Fun, Funny, Interesting, and Strange Stuff

Hmmm… Stuff  is a collection of cool items I’ve run across over the years and grows as I run across more.

The earliest items in were viral faxes.  Then came text emails and later some forwarded images.  Now there are LOLCats, cool websites, YouTube videos, and lots more.

You’ll find quotes and jokes, some informative essays, games (computer and not), and some simply odd stuff.

(If the item can be purchased, it may link to my SoSaysSunny Amazon Store.)

I’ve organized the stuff by my reaction:

  • FUN Fun Stuff is typically stuff you do, like games & coloring — It’s an enjoyable activity.

  • FUNNYFunny Stuff is typically comedic or ironic, whether text, image, audio, or video — It makes you smile or laugh.

  • INTERESTINGInteresting Stuff typically appeals to the intellect — It makes you stop and think.

  • STRANGEStrange Stuff can be weird, shocking, paradoxical, or none of the above — It might make you raise an eyebrow … or two!

  • STUFFStuff Stuff is random stuff I’ve collected for no apparent reason — It might not be of any interest to you whatsoever.

… or you can just jump to my Recent Stuff.

I hope this stuff makes you go “hmmm …” too,

~  Sunny Snaith (more about me)


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